Balloons Twisting

Balloon Twisting:
Trixie’s fun and entertaining balloon artist will leave you with delightful designs that impress your guest! Our skilled artists are party experts! Balloon twisting is always a huge hit! Children and adults alike adore this form of entertainment! It is very festive and fun! 

ATTENTION FUNDRAISER MARKETERS:  Please make sure when you are planning the budget, always save money to hire a professional. We get a HUGE volume of calls yearly from frantic folks who had their balloon artist cancel at the last minute.  This is so heart breaking for everyone. Unfortunately, most times than not, they were volunteers and not being paid.  If they were paid and contracted to be there, another artist would have be placed in their position without hesitation. Do not rely on volunteers fully. Your event depends on that entertainment. Like I mentioned earlier, if you budget yearly ahead of time, many folk and business who can not attend, will donate money to help with entertainment.  It is a right off for them! When an artist is hired, you are helping their family, and the end result= you have an awesome BALLOON ARTIST for your event! If you do not have a budget.  Please call us and we will try to make more suggestions that can help.  We provide Balloon Twisting to many places each year, but those slot book quickly. 
*Our entertainers will show up in professional costume attire or clown – at no additional cost!

Our services are hired for:  parties, fairs, festivals, churches, schools, daycare, special events, convention booths, apartment complexes, assisted livings, family fun nights and more.