Face Painting-

Face Painting is a Necessity!

Well at least the children think so! Our extraordinary skilled face painting artist will amaze you! Does your boy or girl want to be a super hero?  We can make that happen!  How about a beautiful princess from Frozen?  We have all the right tools with lots of bling!  Over the years we have created Spider-man, Ninja Turtles,  Batman, Incredible Hulk, Captain American, Wolverine, Elsa’s and butterfly fairies, Tigers, Monkeys, Bears  just to name a few!  No child leaves disappointed!

Let us help you plan the details of your face painting event! We are skilled artist and can help inform you on line control, photo moments, and how to keep you event on track! If you are expecting a large crowds, additional face painters may need to be hired. Make sure you have a good photographer to  capture those beautiful smiles or scary faces!  We always have long lines because of the popularity! That is not always a bad thing! It means people LOVE IT  and you made the right decision!

If you are having a school carnival, church event, or any event expecting a high volume of children, always hire a seasoned professional to do the job.  We know moms love to try to paint, but we carry insurance, the right tools of the trade,  and our skilled face painters can move those lines!  We will have photo’s chart for the child to pick from and, their design will be awesome! It will only take us minutes to pull of top quality work! Let those moms go enjoy those precious moments that they will never get back! 

ATTENTION FUNDRAISER MARKETERS:  Please make sure when you are planning the budget, always save money to hire a professional. We get a HUGE volume of calls yearly from frantic folks who had their face painter cancel at the last minute.  This is so heart breaking for everyone. Unfortunately, most times than not, they were volunteers and not being paid.  If they were paid and contracted to be there, another painter would have been placed in their position without hesitation. Do not rely on volunteers fully. You event depends on that entertainment. Like I mentioned earlier, if you budget yearly ahead of time, many folk and business who can not attend, will donate money to help with entertainment.  It is a right off for them! When an artist is hired, you are helping their family, and the end result= you have an awesome FACE PAINTER for your event! If you do not have a budget.  Please call us and we will try to make more suggestions that can help.  We provide Free face painting to many places each year, but those slot book quickly. 


All of ours entertainers will show up in professional costume attire or clown – at no additional cost!
Our painters are hired for:  parties, fairs, festivals, churches, schools, daycare, special events, apartment complexes, convention booths, family fun nights and more!